AdEaters Celebrates 30 Years With A Premier Event On Tuesday September 28th At New World Stages ...
Liberty Reserve, the global online payment system, joins Night of the AdEaters as the Official Global Sponsor. ...
Night of the AdEaters is BACK in New York City to Celebrate 30 years of bringing you the BEST COMMERCIALS from AROUND TH...
About Adeaters

On September 28, 2010, Night of the AdEaters® returns to the birthplace of advertising -- New York City

With a 30 year history, showing annually in countries all around the world and attracting hundreds of thousands, Night of the AdEaters® has been called one of the most highly-anticipated events of 2010.

Night of the AdEaters® is an ALL NIGHT celebration of amazing, intriguing, shocking, and funny commercials, representing the vitality, creativity, passion and trends present in the world of advertising. Guests will watch an AMAZING creative screening of the WORLDS BEST COMMERCIALS, network with the industries in-crowd and party the night away with a celebrity DJ.

So grab your colleagues, and a cocktail, and settle in for an incredible night of laughter, excitement and entertainment. Whether you are a advertising professional, an arts and culture enthusiast, a student, an aspiring producer, or simply interested in arts and culture - Night of the AdEaters® will satisfy your appetite. Come take a bite!

Night of the AdEaters is an Advertising Week Event.