Monument Signs — Investment Tips For Business Owners

Posted on: 3 August 2023

Monument signs are ground level and draw attention toward your building. If you plan to invest in a brand-new one, here are some insights worth looking into before making your pick.  

Come up With a Catchy Design 

For a monument sign to be worth its costs, you must ensure it draws the appropriate type of attention to your building. It will if you come up with a catchy design. Fortunately, you have unlimited possibilities. 

However, there are a couple of rules to remember. First, the design needs to make sense for the type of industry you're in. Secondly, the designs should be readable, even from a distance. Also, don't be afraid to play around with different designs online until you find professional graphics that fit your brand. 

Light It Up

Even if you don't have a business open 24-7, you still need to market it at all hours of the day. You can if you get a monument sign with lights. They'll light up the sign at night so that everyone can see it as they pass by.

Regarding monument sign lighting options, LEDs are some of the best because they're cost-effective and energy-efficient. Even if you leave them on all night, they won't cost your company much in energy expenses. 

Choose an Optimal Location

Once you figure out how your monument sign will look, you must figure out where to set it up. You might have a couple of options around your commercial property. The most important thing to remember is visibility. 

Wherever you put the monument sign, everyone should be able to read it without squinting their eyes or having their view blocked by structures. The front near an entrance is probably the best location because it's where your customers first go when they enter your building. 

Hire a Professional For Construction 

You can maximize a monument sign by hiring a professional to construct it around your property. Professional assistance ensures the sign looks great and holds up year after year.

Professional installers can help with other matters as well. For instance, they can verify you've selected the appropriate location and ensure the monument sign is well-supported with weatherproof hardware and resources.

One of the best things you can do for your commercial building is add a monument sign on the outside. If the sign looks great and is easy to read, it should continue to get you more business. For more information on monument signs, contact a professional near you.