Signs You Need a New Business Sign

Posted on: 14 June 2022

Signs are what make one business stand out from another. You likely have a frontage sign or a roadway sign to help your business stand out.

When signs start to get dated or wear out, it's time to have them replaced. This guide will help you understand when it's time to upgrade your business sign for a new one.

You've upgraded or changed your company image

Have you recently changed or upgraded the image for your company, and do you need signs that reflect this? Have custom business signs made that reflect this change so you can keep your company image consistent. Remember: your company's first impression among your consumers is your signage, so make sure your signs stand out in the best way.

Your signs are dated or worn

Yellowed, aged, worn, or broken signs tell a lot about a business, and it's not good. Old signs may give the impression to passersby that your business is dated and aged as well, or may even give the impression that your business is closed. You want to make the best first impression you can, so have your signs company create custom business signs that are vibrant, smooth, modern, and easy to see from the freeway or highway so you can have great visibility.

Your signs are hard to see

As mentioned above, your business signs should be easy to see from the highway or freeway, or at least from the parking lot. This is because a lot of your traffic is going to be spontaneous via people driving or walking by and seeing your sign and deciding to come in and take a look. Another reason for signs to be visible is because customers may be looking for you and if your signs don't have enough visibility, your customers can get lost or decide to go with a competitor. Simply making sure your signs are easy to see can make a huge positive impact on your business overall.

Your signs are poorly located

Have you redesigned your business and now you need new signs that are placed in a better location? Perhaps you need your signs to be higher on a post or placed directly in front of your main door now that you have made some changes. Your custom signs designer can help make better signs for your business now that you are having older ones taken down and moved. You may as well replace them entirely and save older signs for other projects.