Assessments To Make When Choosing Channel Mount Sign Holders

Posted on: 30 September 2021

Channel mount sign holders are important systems for grocery stores that want to display information in an easy-to-read manner. It could be for current deals or information on future sales. If you make these assessments, purchasing these holders will be a lot easier.

Bracket Design

The component that will be going inside the channels of your grocery store's shelves is the bracket. There are a lot of design options, but one of the more versatile is a pivoting bracket layout. It can help you turn the sign holder in different ways.

That's great if you're looking for channel mount sign holders that are more versatile. You can angle them in any direction, whether it's to the left or right. It all depends on what type of layout you want for the signs being displayed on the shelves in your store. 


How long your channel mount sign holders are able to last falls on the materials they're made out of. One of the best for longevity is steel. You can find a lot of channel mount sign holders with this particular material, which should make your shopping experience relatively easy.

With steel construction, you can ensure the materials surrounding your store's signs will provide maximum protection. You also want the bracket that's going inside the shelving channels to be made out of steel too. Then once you have these sign holders set up, you'll trust the bracket can take the full weight of the sign and hold up to any activity you put it through.


If you want to make your channel mount sign holders complement other visual elements around your grocery store, then you want to find a specific color. There is a good variety available, from blacks to light yellows.

Your grocery store may already have a theme in terms of color, and you could just go with the same color options for these channel holders. Or you could purchase a bunch of colors and add variety to the shelving in your grocery store. Just go with a color that makes sense so that there aren't any regrets once these holders are purchased and properly set up. 

You can find a lot of channel mount sign holder options today that are specifically designed for shelving in grocery stores. If you pore over the most relevant details of this investment, you'll have an easier time making a sign holder selection that you can stand behind.