3 Advantages Of Channel Letter Signs For Your Business

Posted on: 12 January 2021

A channel letter sign is typically used on the front of the business that will showcase a business name. Instead of a single solid sign, channel letters include an individually crafted piece for each letter of the business. The letters are mounted directly to a building or a support beam for display.

The use of a channel letter sign comes with many benefits to help your business thrive.

1. Curb Appeal

As opposed to a flat sign or printed banner, a channel letter sign adds a lot of curb appeal to your business. The sign stands out, and the premium design can draw the attention of cars and pedestrians who pass by your business on a daily basis.

You have custom color and font options, allowing you to brand your business and have the letters really pop out against the building colors.

2. Weather Resistance

Channel letter signs are securely mounted to a building so you do not have to worry about plastic banners or vinyl flying off the building. The sturdy materials can withstand wind, rain, and snow. The colors stay sharp, and you do not need to worry about wear and tear on the letters.

As years go by, your signs will still look brand-new because sign manufacturers will often use rust-resistant materials so the signs retain their pop and vivid look. For added protection, you can add a small awning to go over the sign and provide coverage so precipitation does not impact the letters.

3. Lighting Options

With a solid design, you do not need to worry about sun glare or reflections on channel letter signs. One of the main advantages when choosing channel letter signs are the lighting options. You can choose to have neon lights or LED lights added right on the letters. The lights would form a border around the letters to light each one up at night.

Both LED and neon lights give you color options, so you can match your branding and choose colors that contrast the colors of the letters. You can play around with different color designs, and some LED lights also have color-changing options.

You can also select a backlit layout that illuminates the whole collection of letters and allows the business name to stand out on the building. Front-lit letters can include small LED lights mounted underneath the letters. The lighting options are completely up to you. This gives you a lot of choices when you are designing your custom signs.

The benefits go a long way in creating a stand-out sign and help represent your business branding.

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