Why Your Black Friday Sale Sign Should Fill Your Entire Store Window

Posted on: 18 September 2020

In the weeks leading up to their annual Black Friday sales, most retail businesses display custom signage to alert the community to the deals that will be available. If you're in charge of a retail business and you're getting ready to order some custom signs, it's important to consider all of the options that are available to you. One option is to order a sign that fills your entire store window. Depending on the size of your building and the size of the window, this sign may be enormous — but that works to your advantage. Here's why your Black Friday sale sign should fill your whole window.

It Will Be Visible From a Distance

When you're advertising your Black Friday sale, you want your sign to be as visible as possible. Coming up with an eye-catching design will help, but the sheer size of a sign that fills your entire store window will make the message very easy to see. Depending on how big the sign is, motorists may be able to see it from a block away—and decide on the spot that they'll visit you on the day in question. A smaller sign can fail to have this amount of impact, which could result in smaller Black Friday crowds for you.

It Will Prevent People From Seeing In

It's common for stores to make changes to their layouts in advance of Black Friday. For example, one common practice is to place large quantities of door crasher deals just inside of the front doors of the business so that people can grab them quickly. When you use a large sign that fills your entire window, it will prevent people from being able to see into the store before it opens. This can create intrigue and excitement, people won't know where the best deals are until they enter, which can generate a buzz as people wait for your store to open in the morning.

It Will Provide Plenty of Space for Information

An impactful Black Friday sale sign doesn't just say "Black Friday Sale" on it. It should also have information about the deals that a store will have available. When you choose a sign as large as your front window, you'll have plenty of space to list important information. For example, you can provide details about some of your top deals—perhaps listing some products, their original prices, their Black Friday prices, and how many individual pieces you have in stock.