Use Blank Yard Signs To Create Custom Advertising For A Sale

Posted on: 11 March 2020

Replacing signage whenever you are going to be selling household or homemade goods can be costly and time-consuming. It may not make sense to invest in new advertising materials that are only going to be used one time. Buy some blank yard signs and use them to create custom signage whenever you are going to be promoting a yard or public sale.

Use A Dark-Colored Marker

Blank signs that each consist of a corrugated plastic field can be secured to a metal frame, wooden stakes, trees, or any immobile structure that is located on the property where a sale will take place. Purchase a pack of blank signs, accessories that can be used to anchor the advertising materials, and a couple of dark-colored markers that are waterproof.

When preparing each description, you may want to use a ruler or stencils to assist with providing the letters and numbers with a uniform appearance. Use a pre-printed sign as a guide when setting up each custom display. Use short descriptions of the products that you are selling and provide basic information about the date and the hours of an upcoming sale.

Place Signs In Several Locations

A few days before holding a yard sale or a public event that will feature some homemade goods, prepare several signs for the occasion. Write down the description that you would like to add to each blank yard sign prior to writing on the advertising materials. Decide where you would like to post the signage. For example, if you are going to be holding a yard sale on your residential property, you could post one sign along the front of your yard and a couple other ones on streets that are in the neighborhood that you live in.

Before displaying the signs, seek permission to hang or post the materials. You will need to choose locations that are deemed as public property since a private property owner will likely be opposed to you placing your signage on their land. Keep track of the location of the signs and the number of advertising materials that you use for each event.

After an event has ended, head out to remove the signage that you posted. If you have reusable brackets or posts at your disposal, separate the signs that are secured to them and place the reusable materials with the other blank signs that you will be using for future events.