4 Things To Know About Taking Proper Care Of Your Vinyl Banner

Posted on: 26 January 2018

A vinyl banner is an investment that your store should be able to use again and again if you take proper care of your vinyl banner.

Use Gloves When Handling Banner

Vinyl banners are sturdy and can last a long time out, even if they are left outside. That doesn't mean though that you should be rough when handling your banner. When you handle your vinyl banner, put on gloves. Wearing gloves will prevent the transfer of oils onto your vinyl banner and will help keep it clean.

Clean with A Damp Soft Cloth

You should clean your vinyl banner before you put it into storage and on a monthly basis if you hang the banner up for long periods of time.

When you clean your banner, you are going to want to use a damp, soft cloth. Do not use an abrasive sponge. An abrasive sponge could scratch the banner and damage the surface of the banner and scratch away at the ink on the banner. To avoid damaging your banner, always use a soft cleaning tool.

Make sure that you also avoid cleaners with harsh chemicals that may remove the ink on the banner or eat away at the vinyl. Instead, use soft, gentle cleaners like environmentally friendly soap or dish soap.

Dry off Banner Before Storing

After you clean your banner, make sure that it is dry before you put it in storage. The best way to allow your banner to dry is by sitting it out in the sun. However, if that is not an open, use soft towels to dry off your banner and allow it to air-dry inside before putting it into storage. Putting your banner away when it is wet could damage it.

Roll Don't Fold Your Banner

Finally, make sure that you don't fold up the banner when you store it. Folding it will ruin the long-term integrity of your banner and it will not look nice and smooth when you pull it out again. To keep your banner looking great, roll it up and put it inside of a well-sealed plastic container where it will be protected from the elements and from damage.

If you want to get as much usage out of your vinyl banner as possible, handle it with care. Use gloves when you put up and take down your banner. When it needs clean, use mild soap and a soft cloth. Be sure to allow your banner to dry properly before rolling it up and storing it somewhere dry and cool. Visit a site like http://www.genesis-signs.com/ for more ideas.