Signs ON Awnings: Why This Is A Brilliant Idea

Posted on: 10 September 2017

If you have ever seen store names imprinted on awnings, you might think that this is not such a great idea. What happens if the awnings are retracted? Actually, it is a brilliant idea, and one you should definitely consider for your own shop. Here are few reasons why store signs ON awnings are a really great idea.

The Sign Can Only Be Damaged by Fire or Sun

Taking an awning and imprinting it with the store information means that you will never have to worry about repairing the sign. It will not need light bulbs, nor will it be damaged by looters throwing balls or swinging bats at it. About the worst thing that can happen to your sign is that it can catch fire or be bleached slightly by the sun.

Customers Will Remember Which Stores Have Awnings When They Need to Duck out of the Rain

Customers that are suddenly caught in a downpour will remember your store's name because they associate your awning/sign with shelter and safety. Likewise, avoiding the hot, scorching sun means they will remember who has an awning with plenty of shade. If they do not enter your store after peering in the windows for a few minutes while standing under the awning, they will eventually.

Retracting the Awning Signals to Customers That Your Store Is Closed

How many times do customers try to enter a store thinking that it is open just because the lighted sign is on? You do not have that problem with an awning sign. At the end of the day, you retract your awning and put it on lockdown. No visible signs signals to customers that your store is closed. You also save a ton of money by not having to leave the store light on all night long.

Sign Manufacturers Can Make Awning Signs for You

Sign manufacturers that make all kinds of signs and awnings for boutique stores can make your sign awning. Make sure you give them an excellent pictorial representation of what you want. Otherwise, have a graphic designer create a drawing of what you want the sign awning to look like.

Then send that to the awning manufacturer to have it made. Because it is a special order, plan ahead. It may take as many as twelve weeks to have the sign awning made. If your store is not yet open, time it so that your sign awning is installed right before opening day.