4 Ideas For Adding Accents Around Your Real Estate Sign To Make It Stand Out

Posted on: 6 July 2017

When you are a real estate agent, you may be faced with a lot of competition when selling homes in an area with lots of property for sale. Because of this, you want potential house buyers to stand up and take notice of your brand among the sea of endless signs. To make your sign stand out, use one or more of the following ideas for adding accents around it.

Surround It with Seasonal Decorations

One way to make you real estate sign noticeable is to accent it with decorations that match the seasons. The decorations you choose can also be influenced by any holidays within that season.

For springtime, you could wrap a garland of dried flowers around the sign. If you are selling the home around Easter, attach colorful eggs or place a waterproof bunny on top of the sign.

In December, attach boughs of evergreen with red bows tied at each corner. To add a little whimsy, sit an elf on top of the sign with its hand pointing toward your information.

Put a Mound of Mulch around the Sign

When you place your sign in someone's yard, the metal legs that anchor it into the ground can make the space look bare. It also makes it difficult for the homeowner or landscaping service keep weeds from growing up around the sign.

To combat the bare space and the weeds, put a mound of mulch around the base of the sign. Mound it up to a depth that takes up half of the space when it is placed. This gives the mulch extra material so that when the rain compacts it, it will still have enough height to make a difference.

When selecting the mulch, select a color that contrasts with your sign. For example, if your sign has bright colors, use a dark brown mulch. Or, if the sign is primarily black or dark hues, cover the space with red bark mulch.

Surround the Sign with Container Flowers

Another way to set off your sign is to place a container flower or shrub on either side of it. These containers add a classy, miniature landscaping effect that will draw the eye of buyers as they walk or drive by a home you have listed for sale. The plants you choose will depend on the time of year and the conditions.

For example, if your real estate sign is going to be in full sun, select a variety of flower that is colorful and does well in the heat of direct sunlight. Or, if you are advertising the home for sale in the winter, pick small, dark, evergreen trees or shrubs to accent the sign.

Light It Up

Gone are the days when people only go out during the day. With people's work and play schedules, they may decide to drive around in the evening to look at homes for sale. If they cannot see your sign clearly, they will be unable to write down your contact information.

To help potential buyers find you and your listed homes, brighten up your real estate sign with a solar-powered light that turns on at dusk. You could use a floodlight located in front of the sign that shines on the information. Or, you can have one mounted on the top so it shines direct light on the sign from above.

Making your real estate sign stand out from the crowd of other agent's advertisement could help you gain more interest in your business. For more ideas, contact a company that offers real estate signs for sale to discuss additional ways to design and showcase your sign, as well as to ask if they offer lighted signs so yours will be visible even at night.