A Few Reasons To Keep A Few Sets Of One Inch Letter Board Plastic Letters Around

Posted on: 12 April 2017

There are some items that are almost indispensable as far as crafts and decorating are concerned. Every family with children needs to keep a few sets of one-inch letter board plastic letters on hand. Having just one set is not ever going to be enough because you always end up needing duplicates of at least one letter. Besides, with kids around, lost letters may be common. The next time you are at the store and see these letters, consider the following tasks that will be made much easier.


Whether it is someone's birthday or you want to celebrate an accomplishment, having a banner denoting the occasion seems to make things special. When you have the letters already on hand, making a banner to express the event is a simple task. Your kids will be excited to come home and find a banner in the yard or across the living room that was made just for them.

School Projects

School projects need to have a neat appearance to get a good grade. When you have perfectly formed letters to make the title of the project it can turn a "B" into an "A." You can adhere the letters onto the front of a report or across the top of a poster board depending on the type of project done. It can also save your child time and frustration when he or she does not have to make and cut out all the letters.


Having your child's name on his or her possessions when they leave the house is one way to ensure the items make it back home. The letters can be glued to things like backpacks, laptops or tablets, and camping or sporting gear. The adult supervisor will never have a reason to doubt it is your child's item when his or her name is glued to it. In addition, this can be enough to prevent someone from taking the item and trying to say it is his or hers in the first place.

One-inch plastic letters are more durable than simple paper or cardboard stick-on letters. When properly glued to an item it will stay there for a long time. If you do want to reuse the letters, such as making new banners, you can use a tape to apply the letters so they can be easily removed. Keep a few sets around and perhaps even a few different sizes and you will be surprised at all the different uses you find for them.