The Key To Creating An Effective Banner Layout For Conventions & Trade Shows

Posted on: 11 July 2016

If your business frequently attends trade shows or conventions, one great way to convey information about your business is through a roll-up banner. A roll-up banner is easy to transport to the trade shows and conventions that you attend, and allows for versatile set-up options depending on the space that you are given for a booth. Here is the key to creating an effective layout for your trade show/convention banner stands.

Showcase Your Company's Logo

At the very top of your banner is where you want to showcase your company's logo or name; you want to grab people's attention and convey the most important information first, which is why this information should be located at the top of your banner. 

When people are walking through a trade show, they are scanning the room to see where they want to go. Putting your company name and logo at the top of your banner will help people identify and spot your business easier from a distance, and will draw them in to see what is on the rest of your banner and what you are featuring in your booth. 

The font and graphic size should be large enough that one could easily read it across a gym. Make sure that you use high-resolution images for your company logo and name; you want them to be clear and crisp. This is where you showcase your company and draw people into your booth. 

Keep The Main Message At Eye Level

The main message that you want to convey should be located below your company's name and logo. It should be right about eye level. 

Your target audience for the main message are people who are in close proximity to your booth. A potential customer should be able to read the main message if they are standing right in front of your booth, or a couple of booths away. This is how you draw people in who are walking by.

Your main message should be direct and concise; you want to make sure that people can quickly understand it without too much thought. This is where you to get down to the purpose of your booth and your business.

Put The Details On The Bottom

The details that you want to convey should go on the bottom of your banner. The target audience for the details is someone who is standing right in front of your booth, reading your entire banner.

This is where you can add additional details about your main message, such as how long your promotion is running or what they can expect to get when they purchase a package from your business.

This is also where you should convey your social media information. On the bottom, make sure that your prompt potential customers to learn more by following your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever social media platforms that your business uses. The bottom of your banner is where you get to provide additional information to engage customers who are actually stopping by and visiting your booth.