5 Ways To Use Banners Effectively Inside Your Business

Posted on: 6 May 2015

Banners are commonly used to gain consumer interest on the exterior of the business, but once they are on the inside, the large print advertising does not need to stop. Using banners on the interior of your business can help promote new products, highlight sales, and are great for showcasing quick customer information.

When choosing interior banners for your business, there are five tips that can help you get the most effective use from the banner.

Banner Stands

Instead of hanging banners in permanent locations, you can use a banner stand to easily place banners around your business. There are many benefits and features when choosing a banner stand.

  • Vertical Banners: Banners with a vertical design can save extra space inside of your business and a custom stand can easily equip the design.
  • Placement: When using a banner stand, you have the ability to place the banner anywhere in the business. This includes crucial areas like the front doorway or center of your location.
  • Durability: Attaching a banner to a stand prevents the tug or wear on the banner itself. This can help the banner last for numerous years.

Retractable Banners

Saving space is crucial for any business. Each square foot matters and this includes storage space. Instead of wasting backroom space with banner storage, you can work with a commercial printer to have a retractable banner printer. This way, when the banner is not in use, it can roll up into its own case and save room at your business.

Along with saving room, retractable banners are ideal for temporary sales or events. For example, if your business hosts a two-hour door buster sale then the banner can get pulled down as it's needed. It can help avoid customer confusion and the banner can quickly get put away when the sale ends.

Window Banners

Instead of leaving a banner outside of your business, you can reach the exterior through the inside using window banners.  Window banners are a great compliment to display items that are featured in the window. You also have more options for fabrics and designs without having to worry about weather elements.

When hanging window banners, you want to press them as close to the glass as possible. This can help prevent shadows and glare on the banner. Any hindrance in the readability of your banner can lessen the effectiveness. Interior lights that shine on the banner can help possible customers see the banner during cloudy days or at night.

Hanging Options

The quickest way to hang a banner is to slap on some tape, but there are more durable ways you can hang the banner for reliability at your business. These durable methods can prevent tears, fading, or wall damage.

  • Grommets: When the banner is first printed, a professional company can have grommets installed. The grommets are small metal linings  with circular openings. They allow you to hang up a banner using rope through the hole. The metal lining of a grommet prevents the banner material from being pulled or tugged on a rope.
  • Hooks: Wall Hooks can provide a stable way to hang a banner by grommets. They offer extra strength and can prevent the banner from falling.
  • Velcro: If your banner is printed without grommet holes then you can choose an alternative like a Velcro adhesive. This adds a strong methods of hanging and is easy to remove when the banner needs to come down.

Digital Integration

When designing your banner, it's a good idea to keep some digital integration in mind. Professional printers can create small windows so that banners can be placed over tablets, computer monitors, or television screens. This type of method will allow you to infuse video and animation into your banner design.

For example, if you have a "Sale" banner up, you can showcase a rotating queue of the items on sale using the digital screen. This allows you to reuse the "Sale" banner multiple times even when the sale changes.