Drawing Customers Toward Your Newly-Opened Business

Posted on: 29 May 2017

If you just opened a business off of a busy highway, you are most likely excited about the prospect in making a lot of money from passersbys who come into your establishment. There are several ways you can grab additional customers if you fear those driving past will not see your establishment quickly enough since they may be moving fast. Here are a few tricks you can use to help in getting those in moving vehicles to notice your business in an attempt to increase your customer base.

Use LED Signs To Attract Attention

It is a good idea to use the power of illumination to grasp the attention of those moving past your business. The positioning of a large LED sign, like from MaxxLite, will pique the interest of those driving past and is usually a great way in getting the head to turn in a business' direction. Make sure to use a minimal number of words on your sign as those in moving vehicles will not have much time to read the information provided. The type of business as well as a special price available or feature people will be interested in can be displayed on the sign as a way to grab new customers. Signs with scrolling text may also work well at getting attention as different information is displayed each time a repeat driver passes by.

Try A Moving Object

To get people to turn their heads in the direction of your business, try using movable objects on or around your establishment. Large helium-filled balloons can be placed along your business' rooftop so they sway in the wind, making people notice your business as a result. Blow-up characters can be positioned in front of your business to draw attention from both old and young alike. Hiring someone to dance around with a sign about your business is another way to get people to stop in. Make sure this employee is in a safe location off the shoulder of the roadway and that the sign they carry has large print. 

Light Up Your Business

Using flood lights to illuminate your business' building is a good way to get it to be noticed. Position flood lighting around the perimeter of your building and make sure these lights are turned on when it becomes dusk each evening. This may help in gathering additional customers after the sun goes down. Colored moving spotlights can also be used to draw attention to your business if desired.